Excursions on Lanzarote - Experience the Thrill of Island Adventure

Jan 14, 2024


Welcome to Lastminute Transfer! We are your go-to partner for transportation, travel agents, and airport shuttles on the captivating island of Lanzarote. With our comprehensive range of exciting excursions, we ensure you have the best experiences possible while exploring this beautiful destination.

Uncover the Natural Wonders of Lanzarote

Lanzarote, known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique volcanic formations, offers extraordinary opportunities for adventurous travelers. Our handpicked excursions allow you to discover the island's natural wonders and get a taste of its rich culture, history, and charm.

1. Timanfaya National Park - A Volcanic Paradise

Step into the otherworldly landscapes of Timanfaya National Park, where you can witness the dramatic volcanic formations that have shaped the island over centuries. Explore the stunning lava fields, take a camel ride across the volcanic slopes, and visit the geothermal demonstrations to witness the power of nature.

2. Jameos del Agua - A Subterranean Wonderland

Descend into the mesmerizing Jameos del Agua, a fascinating cave system created by volcanic eruptions. Marvel at the underground lake, home to the unique blind albino crabs, and enjoy concerts and cultural events held in the cave's auditorium. Explore the lush gardens and feel the tranquility surround you.

3. Discover the Cesar Manrique Foundation

Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of Cesar Manrique, a renowned local artist and architect. Visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation, built atop volcanic bubbles, and explore the fascinating blend of nature, art, and architecture. Admire the stunning works and learn about his vision to harmoniously integrate art with the island's natural environment.

Excursions for Adventurers

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities, Lanzarote offers a plethora of options that cater to every adventurous spirit. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast, a hiker, or an adrenaline junkie, Lastminute Transfer has got you covered!

1. Surfing and Water Sports

Experience the thrill of riding the waves at Famara Beach, a surfer's paradise. Join a surfing lesson led by expert instructors who will guide you through the basics or help you improve your techniques. If you crave more water adventures, try kayaking, paddleboarding, or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters surrounding Lanzarote.

2. Hiking in the Fire Mountains

Embark on a challenging hike in the Fire Mountains, where you can explore the volcanic landscapes up close. Marvel at the vibrant hues of the rocks, feel the warmth emanating from the earth, and witness the incredible biodiversity that has thrived amidst these rugged terrains. Our experienced guides will ensure a safe and unforgettable hiking experience.

3. Paragliding above Lanzarote

If you are a thrill-seeker looking for a bird's-eye view of the island, paragliding is the perfect choice. Soar through the skies and admire the astonishing beauty of Lanzarote from above. Our professional pilots will take you on a tandem flight, ensuring a safe and exhilarating adventure you will never forget.

Booking Your Excursion

At Lastminute Transfer, we strive to make your journey seamless and enjoyable. Booking your excursion on Lanzarote is a breeze with our user-friendly website and dedicated customer support team. Follow these easy steps to secure your spot for an incredible adventure:

  1. Visit our website lastminute-transfer.com.
  2. Explore our list of excursions and select your preferred one.
  3. Check availability and choose your desired date and time.
  4. Enter your personal and payment details securely.
  5. Receive your e-ticket via email and get ready for an unforgettable experience on Lanzarote!


Unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the captivating excursions on Lanzarote with Lastminute Transfer. From exploring the volcanic landscapes to engaging in thrilling water sports, you will create unforgettable memories on this enchanting island. Book your excursion now and let us guide you to an extraordinary adventure!