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“Thank you so much for our beautiful guest house - excellent garage - fantastic pump house - beautiful bedroom and library - and most especially for the best kitchen ever!!!! You guys are the best!”
- Don and Ellen, Jacksonville

“Tom and I both want to thank you for your wonderful "vision" regarding our remodel. Everything came together perfectly and has made our home flow the way we always dreamed it could. Each idea worked out well, from the bathroom to the removal of the dining room wall to moving the bar to enlarging the kitchen. We couldn't be happier with the result. We would also like to compliment you on the wonderful people you have working for your company. Kevin is one of the finest people either of us has ever met, and the rest of crew is terrific too. Their personalities, professionalism, and courtesy were admired and appreciated. A special thank you for the tender way you all treated Delaney. If you ever want to show off your work, please feel free to ask. We soon will have a nice album of "before and after" photos. Thank you again for making our home like new again.”
- Tom and Debbie, Talent

“The days are just not the same around here - mornings are much more leisurely and the day doesn't begin nearly as early! We miss Kevin's cheerful whistle at 7:15 a.m. and his wall drawings, Mark's "nice, very nice" as he fits moldings and doors together and the clatter of Wayne's tools and jovial laugh along with the funny tales of golf and rafting. And then there were the quiet inspections by Mike, "do we measure up to his standards?" was always in the back of our minds. Plus "mysterious" Bob who helped fine tune the hutch with Mark and was so enthusiastic when he visited midway through (you should see the finished product). Thanks to all of you for making the remodel fun, exciting, and an overall good experience. As Mike promised, "we are just tickled!"”
- Pete and Sue, Medford

“On behalf of my mother and all her 5 kids, we want to sincerely thank you and your entire crew for doing an outstanding job on her window replacement project. Everyone was polite, professional, accommodating, and respectful of her concerns and schedule...We would be eager to strongly encourage (anyone) to contract with your firm, for all the reasons you made our project successful and painless.”
- J. Douglas Hamilton (son), President, Oak Grove Construction, Santa Rosa, CA

“Thank you for a great job. We are most pleased with it. Your standards and supervision are A1.”
- Robert, Medford

“Thank you for a very pleasant business experience. You can be proud of your firm and employee's quality of work, with friendliness and consideration.”
- Mary, Ashland

“Oh joy! My new kitchen is just beautiful!! But, more than beautiful is the expertise of those who made it happen. From the first time you came to examine the project, through selection of subcontractors, to the remarkable orchestration of the players on site, to the thorough and careful execution of every detail, this project has been a model for how one hopes such things are done...Ken Krumdieck, Inc. has set a very high bar for excellence. I feel very fortunate that my kitchen has been one of its projects and privileged to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with all the special and talented people who have helped to beautifully transform the most important space in my home. Kevin is remarkable. He sees the big picture and the small details and is able to communicate seamlessly with all involved. He is efficient and precise and genuinely kind and thoughtful. Plus, he has a quiet sense of humor and wonderful rapport with everyone who worked on the project. Mark is sharp and quick. He has attended to all the puzzle pieces, finish work, and cosmetic aspects of the project (and details I don't even know about) with skill and sincere interest. He seems to truly love his work and to enjoy watching the project evolve. In gratitude,”
- Susan, Ashland

“Once again you and your crew have done a superb job for us, renovating Bill's bathroom. We really appreciate the speed and care with which you completed the job and the excellence of both your staff and the subcontractors who worked on the job. The quality of the work was absolutely up to the standard we have come to expect over the twelve or thirteen years that you have worked on our house. As usual, it has been a pleasure having you work on our home. Undoubtedly, this won't be the last time. With thanks.”
- Bill and Anne, Ashland

“To Mike, Kevin, and all of the A+ members of the Krumdieck team, you truly rival the "Nordstrom" standard for excellence in customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you again. Warm regards,”
- Joe and Jeannine, Medford

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation for the outstanding work performed by your organization in the complete remodeling of our kitchen. Besides being an outstanding job, the cost was reasonable, as I had priced out all repairs prior to our construction agreement. The relief to me and my wife in having professionals do the work was of immeasurable value...During the course of the remodeling, we had the opportunity to meet employees of Ken Krumdieck Inc. Together we were impressed by the politeness and courtesy of all at Ken Krumdieck. Mr. Johnson, your foreman, was extremely knowledgeable and his attention to detail left nothing to be desired. The cabinets made by Mr. Mark Sell are of the finest workmanship and are beautiful. The neatness and completeness of all work was most gratifying. Your suggestions as to items to include in the kitchen remodeling were an advantage that your professionalism provided and that my wife and I would have missed and not included. Sincerely, with great admiration for a great organization.”
- Bill, Ashland

“Thanks for the great job on our kitchen! We appreciate the quality, professionalism, and concern shown by everyone involved in the project. Please pass along our thank you to your staff.”
- Corey and Mary, Medford

“Thank you so much for your firm's excellent work on our recent remodeling project. It looks wonderful! It was a pleasure to work with you in planning the project. Kevin Johnson did a masterful job of overseeing the work…I was amazed at how much time he spent in being sure that everything was done just right. The result is a kitchen and entry that we enjoy immensely.”
- Rudy and Sandy, Ashland

“Bob and I are so very pleased with the remodeling and we truly want to thank you for your good work and excellent cooperation. The cabinets are beautiful and such a joy to look at and use! Thank you again so much.”
- Leona, Ashland

“As a member of the Christian Science Church in Ashland, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you have done remodeling our building. I ushered members in several times through the heater room and we all rejoiced in each little bit of progress. Now I am able to user in our bright, inviting foyer! I'm sure I speak for many when I say "thank you very much.”
- Diane, Ashland

“We want to thank all of you for the beautiful job you've done on the Stratford Suite and our garage. We are delighted with the results. It has been a great pleasure working with all of you. We are grateful for your speed, efficiency, courtesy, and especially your fine workmanship. And we're going to miss having you around.”
- Bruce and Margaret, Ashland

“The members of our church wanted to send you a note thanking you for the great job you did remodeling our church platform. It looks absolutely wonderful and we're most grateful that you did it so quickly! We appreciate your professionalism, your care of the auditorium during the remodeling, the clean job site, and getting the project done on time. In addition to the members' satisfaction with the outcome, we have had many unsolicited words of praise from visitors. With much gratitude for your very fine work.”
- Barbara, First Church of Christ Scientist, Ashland

“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job getting us through our remodel so smoothly. Everything is just perfect, and I love it.”
- Glenn and Gracie, Ashland

“Thank you very much for the great job on our kitchen. We really appreciate the quality of the work and how well you organized everything. We've gotten so many compliments from everyone who's seen it.”
- Duane and Katy, Ashland

“Thanks for making our house a home. Please accept our gratitude for a job well done. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”
- Bill and Mareen, Ashland

“We are very pleased with the results of the skylights you installed, and we enjoyed doing business with you. If we ever need any construction work done in the future we will give you a call.”
- Ernie, Ashland

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellence your company consistently demonstrated throughout the demolition and construction of the addition and remodel project for my clients…It is clear to me that this level of performance for a construction company does not arise by chance, but rather is a product of your combined vision and expertise. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to one of your supervisors, Kevin Johnson. While my clients elected to continue to live in their home throughout the various demolition and construction phases, Kevin continued to exhibit a level of thoughtfulness and consideration well above what most people (including my clients) would expect. His planning and attention to detail along with the combined efforts of the rest of the company turned what could have been a stressful process for my clients (due to their schedule) into a rewarding experience. Please express my appreciation to all who worked on this project within your organization along with your subcontractors. This was a complex project. You people made it work. I am pleased to add these clients to my list of happy clients for whom you've worked. Thank you.”
- Richard Vezie, Richard Vezie & Associates, Ashland

“Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance. All of the information you gave me was crucial and extremely helpful.”
- Brian, Ashland

“Thank you again. We do appreciate your prompt attention, and your excellent workmanship.”
- Jim and Elizabeth, Ashland

“The perception of the concept I wanted to achieve was immediate and the suggestion made along those lines were excellent. What a pleasure to work with someone who really listens and is a master craftsman. Nothing had to be redone or changed.”
- Evanda, Ashland

“We want to express our appreciation for a job well done in constructing and installing the cross in the sanctuary of Grace Lutheran Church in Ashland. The design of adapting the brass cross to a wood background is excellent and demonstrates skill in maximizing its beauty and spiritual effect.”
- Raymond and Alice, Ashland

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