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Planning Phase

Many times, our clients come to us directly for their custom home building services. Based on your preference, we can either refer you to work with an architect or designer, or we can work with them directly as they create custom plans that meet your specifications for a new home.

At other times, clients come to us after their architectural plans or designs are completed. Either way you choose, we work hand in hand with you and the architect or designer throughout a building project to achieve precise results based on your custom plans or designs.

Once a “blueprint” plan or design is completed by an architect or designer, we begin the planning phase of your construction project. The planning phase generally involves a three step process that results in a signed contract for building services:

  • Pre-planning and Site Visit. We meet with you at your building site to discuss the project and building objectives.
  • Preliminary Plan. The next step is to develop preliminary building plans and document objectives for the project.
  • Final Plan. After you review the preliminary building plan, we make revisions and finalize your architectural plans or designs.

Construction planning is primarily done by Mike Neely, president of Ken Krumdieck Inc., and Chuck Osborne, estimator. As your construction plan is completed and agreed upon, we begin the construction phase.


Planning Phase

Construction Phase

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Custom Services Gallery Remarks from Clients Process About Contact Us